I was beginning to wonder what had happened to Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, a movie trailer had been released late last year and then nothing well it looks like we have some new developments for Peter Goddard and Dominic Sena’s belabored project. Apparently Relativity has taken over the distribution on the movie after Lionsgate seemed to just drop it, they have also come out with a new movie poster which seems to signal a marketing shift away from the more supernatural ONE SHEET, that Lionsgate was pursuing to one were Nick is now portrayed as an Aragorn-isc hero. We also have a new movie trailer which was just released giving a more balanced picture, less Witch more brothers in arms fighting the good fight. I enjoy movies by Nick Cage, most people seem to have a different opinion, the National Treasure franchise is his best Knowing was a really good movie, haven’t seen Kick-Ass or The Socerer’s Aprentice yet but I hear there is a sequel in the works, I think we can thank Chloë Moretz for that.

I personally like the first trailer better, there just isn’t enough movies were Witch’s get to kick ass, but she’s up against Nick and Hellboy, they better make a third movie, so I think her season is up. As you have probably guessed I will be seeing this one.

Nicolas Cage stars as a 14th century Crusader who returns with his comrade Ron Perlman to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch Claire Foy to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence

Season of the Witch Trailer #1


Season of the Witch Trailer #2


BAYONETTA Casting Spells and Getting Naked


When I first saw this game I didn’t know what to think. There was a slick beauty to it not something  you associate with a new intellectual propertie, this only comes about in the second or third game in the series, Assassn’s Creed II and Uncharted 2 are good examples of this. It also reminded me of another game that looked and felt very similar, Devil My Cry. It was no great surprise them when I heard that the team behind this game also did Devil My Cry including director Hideki Kamiya,

She is a Witch

Bayonetta takes place in Vigrid, a fictional city in Europe. The titular character is a witch who shapeshifts and uses various firearms, along with magical attacks she performs with her own hair, to dispatch her foes. She possesses four pistols—two hand-held, and one attached to each heel—and has also been pictured with shotguns, rocket launchers, a glowing whip with a cobra’s head at the tip of it, and a two-handed katana. Bayonetta faces angelic and warrior-like enemies that confront and challenge her Her long hair which covers her body can become a weapon to attack, but once this happens she is left with not much to hide.

Hair Hath No Fury Like

Hair Hath No Fury Like

I have a review here from IGN that pretty well sums up what I have said and my others to

When I say “action game,” I refer of course to games like Devil May Cry, God of War and Ninja Gaiden. I think most gamers can agree that all these titles do similar things (despite their notable differences), so it’s safe for me to compare them all and claim that Bayonetta is my favorite  [more]

Fiery Escape

Release date is January 5, 2010 two short weeks away, although I have heard some copies got out there a little early