INCEPTION is, I’m not sure what it is

In case you didn’t see Sherlock Holmes this weekend or catch the French version of this video, Warner Bros has released an English, high-resolution trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception.  The studio has kept details surprisingly secret for the science fiction story, so please pardon the lack of explanation for the eyegasm of random images and confusing dialogue.  I honestly have no idea what’s happening either.  I can’t wait to find out.

If I didn’t know any better I’d think Christopher Nolan is taking quae’s from Terry Gilliam because this trailer makes no sence and  that would be Gillian’s territory. I sure the Dark Knight director can’t do any wrong at least until his next movie doesn’t make a zillion dollars. I’m pretty sure Inception won’t be that movie people will go to see it because of Christopher is directiong Leonardo DiCaprio is staring in it. Hay at least the Trailer is in english

Inception Trailer 2