The Land That Time Forgot

The Land That Time Forgot is a 1975 fantasy/adventure movie based upon the 1918 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The screenplay was written by Michael Moorcock. The film was produced by Britain’s Amicus Productions and directed by Kevin Connor. The cast included Doug McClure, John McEnery, Keith Barron, Susan Penhaligon, Anthony Ainley and character actor Declan Mulholland.

The 1974 TRAILER

The movie begins with Doug McClure as Bowen Tyler narrating the events, much as we see in many Edgar Rice Burroughs novels. A sailor throws a bottle with a written manuscript inside it into the sea, hoping for it to be discovered later. The story is set in World War I and involves the survivors of the sinking of a British merchant ship who are taken on board a German U-boat. The movie is based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Bowen Tyler and Lisa Clayton are passengers on a ship that is torpedoed by Captain von Schoenvorts.

Along with a few surviving British officers, Bowen Tyler convinces the other men to take over the surfacing submarine, this being their only chance for survival. After confronting the Germans on the deck, a fight ensues and they take over the German U-boat. Tyler manages to take command of the U-Boat hoping to steer it to a British port. Captain Von Schoenvorts, played by John McEnery, has his crew steer toward a safe sea port. But Dietz, played by Anthony Ainley, gets loose and smashes the subs radio.

Off course and running out of fuel in the South Atlantic, the U-boat and its crew happen across an uncharted sub-continent called Caprona, a fantastical land of lush vegetation where dinosaurs still roam, co-existing with primitive man. There are also reserves of oil which, if the Germans and British can work together, can be refined and enable their escape from the island. Bowen Tyler discovers the secret of Caprona. Everything evolves not by future generations, but by moving upward physically. In the end, Deitz strands Mister Tyler and Miss Lisa in Caprona, but a scuffle aboard the U-Boat causes it to be crushed by falling rocks and lava from the exploding volcanoes around the lagoon, where the camp had been set up. Bowen Tyler and Miss Lisa are stranded, being forced to move upward north, in this land that time forgot. The movie ends with Bowen Tyler throwing the bottle, with the manuscript inside it, as seen in the beginning of the movie.

The 2009 remake was not nearly as good. It wasn’t even remotely close to the original in any way except for the german U-boat. This was a sunday afternoon knock off for kids who can’t believe in a lost land but have no problem with the Bermuda Triangle all of the spirit and ideas of Burroughs orignal Trilogy are lost. At least LAND and the sequel PEAPLE THE TIME FORGOT tried to keep that intact. I do have to say one thing FX have come a long way the 09 version had that all over the original and probably for a fraction of the cost. In the end it was still nice to see know if only they would make a big budget version.




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