December 29th Will be a Wild DVTuesday

Dec 29th

December 29, 2010 is going to be a big day for DVD/Blu-ray releases with 3 titles worth picking up

  • Jennifer’s Body
  • Carriers
  • 9

Jennifer’s Body is rated by several sites as one of the better horrors to come out this year, to the surprise of all, It is a sexy horror film with a wicked sense of humor and Megan Fox did a good job in the acting department, yes I actually said that. Her supporting cast members such as  Amanda Seyfried who plays Needy Jennifer’s friend who has been living in her shadow and must step-up to protect the town’s young men from the demonic Jennifer who has developed a taste for their flesh after a satanic ritual goes wrong

Red Band Trailer

Carriers During a global viral epidemic, four people seek safety by traveling towards the Gulf of Mexico, avoiding anyone who might be a carrier of the deadly disease. This is 28 Days Later without the zombies and was actually made  some years back but finally released because Chris Pine was now a recognizable name and the word pandemic was on everyone’s mind these days


9 Any movie with the name Tim Burton attached you know will be different.

” Shane Acker‘s  post-apocalyptic animated adventure 9 began its life as the young director’s thesis project during his grad school days in UCLA’s animation department. In that original incarnation, the film was an 11-minute silent short that plunged viewers into a desolate, destroyed world inhabited only by diminutive rag dolls loosely stitched together out of whatever odds and ends survived the unseen cataclysm. ”



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