TRIFFIDS take hold on BBC again

The 1962 MOVIE

The John Wyndham classic Day of the Trffids gets a remake on BBC 1 and I’m a happy person, another childhood favorite to see all over again through older and more jaded eyes. “You can go home again” at lest for me as these old classics bring back fond memories of a 12 channel universe were seeing one Sci-fi was a special occasion to be relished no matter what that show or movie was. I recently saw a remake of  The Land That Time Forgot another childhood fav that came out much later than Day, and enjoyed even thought It had nothing to do with the orignal except for the submarine


2009 "Skies Ablaze" TRAILER

Simon Clark, the horror/sci fi author who wrote a sequel to Wyndham’s book Says

” The book’s hero, Bill Masen, witnesses mass suicide, violence and starvation in London, ‘the groping city’, and it is easy to see how the novel has inspired screen apocalypses such as 28 Days Later…, I Am Legend and Survivors (also recently remade by the BBC). “

Clark says, ” ‘Day of the Triffids is fresh for every generation. It was published in 1951, just after the Second World War, when there was rationing and areas of cities were bombsites. It seemed as if civilization had fallen apart. Since then people have rediscovered the novel. Now, they say it’s about genetically modified crops and we fear something like that might happen in real life. ”

2009 "Security Breach" TRAILER


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