As ‘THE END OF TIME’ approach’s we say goodbye to David Tennant

The Doctor and Donna

Conventional wisdom says there has been three golden periods in Doctor Who history.

  1. The beginning of the show with William Hartnell and Dalek mania
  2. The Tom Baker years  1974 to 1981 the longest incarnation of any Doctor and the one I grow up with as did most North Americans
  3. The reemergence of the show with the 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston who only was with the show for a year and David Tennant who’s been leading the way to the present

We will all miss David because he was a good Doctor and brought stability to the show for 4 years the longest since Tom. Hopefully Matt Smith lasts an even longer time, we Doctor Who fans hate to see the revolving door spin to fast

David Tennant Interview


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